Interesting Things of Learning Geography

Interesting Things of Learning GeographyTalking about geography, there are many things to learn about this subject. This subject talks about the earth so there can be many things to understand from this subject. Even, there can be unlimited knowledge to know about this since earth is the thing studied in the subject. This means that there are many things to study and even this is not only about the physical appearance of the earth. This subject also talks about the natural phenomena happened on earth. Earthquake and tsunami are discussed in this subject. Volcanic eruption, tornadoes, and other natural disasters are also discussed and studied in the subject. Moreover, the origin of mountain, volcano, and sea, lake, other things are learnt. That is why this subject becomes so interesting to learn. There can be many things to get from this subject.

In this case, one of the interesting things about geography is that this is an inter-correlated study. This means that this studying geography cannot be only about geography. This subject is also closely related to the sociology and history and that is why these three subjects are categorized as the social science. These three are closely related since things happened in the past and people are very affected by the geographical aspects of the earth. Moreover, learning geography can also help people to know about chemistry, physics, and even biology. These natural sciences are also related to the geography since in geography, people study about the plantations and their distribution, weather, and also phenomena of earth that is closely related to those three agen bola terpercaya subjects. There are still other subjects connected to geography. That is why learning this subject can be so interesting.

Then, learning geography can also make people understand the earth well. For example, by learning geography, people can understand the characteristic of Canada although they do not live in this country. They will know that Canada becomes country with a lot of lakes. Even, it can be said that almost half of the lakes on earth can be found in Canada. That is why 9% of its area are water. There are many lakes in this country and it is around 561 lakes. It is so many lakes for a country. Then, people can also understand that Mt. Everest is the highest peak of earth. However, they will be able to understand also that Mt. Chimborazo is the closest place to the moon. This is because of the geographical structure. This mount is located near equator and there is bulge on the area of this mount and this make this mount has closest distance to the moon.