Lee R. Berger Current Activities in South Africa

Lee R. Berger Current Activities in South Africa

August 21, 2020 0 By pini

Lee R. Berger is well known for his significant contribution in palaeoanthropology. He led the discovery of the greatest invention in human history, Australopithecus sediba fossil skeletons. Nowadays, his activity is related to exploration and excavation as he does not want to stop to reveal human history.
• Non-Profit Organisation for Explorers
As he is an explorer, Berger wants to encourage other explorers to join the excavation team so they can find new proves about human ancestors. Therefore, he built the Lee R. Berger Foundation, which conducts and encourages the exploration in Africa. Furthermore, this foundation wants to preserve heritage objects and site, also educate the public about the importance of heritage conservation.

This is a non-profit foundation which means there is no commercials activity in this foundation, they depend on the donation. This foundation purely focuses on revealing human and earth history as well as on education. This organisation fully supports some parties who care about exploration and who wants to do excavation.

• Teaching at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg
Berger is also well known from his books and how he can tell the history of the discovery well, along with some theories. Therefore, it is no reason for the universities to not ask him to be a professor since he is an expert in his field. What an enjoyable experience for the students to get to learn from the expert, isn’t it?

He is a professor at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Close enough to the excavation site where he found one of the most significant discoveries in palaeoanthropology, so he can work with excavation project while teaching.

Lee R. Berger Current Activities in South Africa1

• Malapa site and Rising Star Excavation Director
He still does some exploration in Africa and becomes the director of the Malapa site and Rising Star Excavation. The Rising Star Excavation is well known because of the finding of largest primitive hominin assemblage. He is still passionate to work on some projects to gain more prove about human ancestors.

It seems that Berger keeps himself busy after finding some incredible discoveries. This fact makes us, his fans, also feel his passion for revealing human history and bringing it to the present. Let’s hope for other significant discoveries in the future.