Some Interesting Facts about Earth to Know

June 11, 2018 0 By pini

Some Interesting Facts about Earth to KnowEarth is interesting planet in the universe. This is the planet where human lives and there are lives in this planet. Of course, this planet has many kinds of things to learn and geography is one of the important subjects learning this planet. This subject talks about the earth and it is not only about the surface of the earth. Geography talks about things exist on earth. It talks about mountains and volcanoes. This also talks about oceans, seas, lakes, and even rivers. Then, this subject also learns about the things above the earth, such as the atmosphere and its layers. Things under the surface of the earth are also discussed, such as the layer of earth up to its core. Moreover, there are also natural phenomenon discussed in this subject. Natural disasters such as tornado and volcanic eruptions are discussed. There are also weathers, climates, and even trees and plantations on earth. There are many things to study in this subjects.

Of course, those are important things to understand. In this case, there are also some interesting facts about the earth and these are found because people study geography. First fact is about the highest place. Most of the people must have known that Mt. Everest in Himalaya is the highest peak on earth. This is the highest top in the earth. However, there are 25 places categorized as the highest peaks on earth. The great news is that 19 of those peaks are located on Himalaya. This is very interesting since Himalaya has already had Everest, and there are still 18 other peaks to find in this place. Even, this is more than half of the peaks on earth are found in Himalaya. This is awesome.

Then, there is also a unique country called Nauru. This country is not located on the continent. This county is located in the ocean, specifically in the Pacific Ocean. This country is quite small, but still Vatican City is the smallest country on the earth. The interesting thing is that this country has no official capital. All of the countries on earth has capital city but Nauru is different. This has no capital city and this makes this country special. While even the smallest country has official capital, this small country in the Pacific Ocean does not have it. However, it does not mean that this country has no government offices. There is government and office since this is the condition of the sovereign country. The office is located in Yaren, but this town is not the official capital. No one knows why this city is not made into capital and the country choose to have no capital.