The Brief History of Geography

The Brief History of Geography

January 8, 2019 0 By pini

Geography is one of the most popular discipline sciences that attract the attention of many people now. Some thinks that this subject is so interesting and can give more chances to explore the earth and its phenomena. Then, some others think that it can lead them to the bright and promising careers in the future. However, do you know how the history of geography began? In case you really want to figure it out, you better continue reading below.

In the beginning, the people of Greece were the ones who actively explored geography to be a science and a philosophy in their lives. Then, they also used this subject as the references as they always tried to explore new lands. Even, they could improve this science to the higher level because there were so many great people who contributed to the explorations, such as Aristotle, Herodotus, Hipparchus, Eratosthenes, and so on. Furthermore, the interest in geography got increased significantly especially in Europe after the journey of Marco Polo during the middle age period.

Then, the best thing about it was when a great voyage during the Renaissance to the 17th century made the people have the more accurate imagery of the earth. It can be proven by a world map created by Bernhardus Varenius and Gerardus Mercator. After that, geography had been recognized as one of the discipline sciences that will be learnt on the university since the 18th century. At the same time, the broad fields of geography had developed influenced the views and thoughts of many people greatly.

Thus, based on the brief history of geography above it is clear that geography always get developed as the nature and the society change dynamically. It even links to the various broad fields like ecology, botany, climatology, and etc. So, you will never run out of subject to explore once you have decided to study geography.