Geography: The Branches

Geography The Branches

Geography: The Branches – Geography, which means earth description, is one of the fields of science that will be focused on studying the land, the features, and any phenomenon of the earth. This particular subject had been introduced by a famous scientist called Eratosthenes (276 to 194 BC). Since then, many believed that geography could be the right discipline science that helps people to understand the complexity of human and the nature so well. Aside of that, it can also be the best reference that you can take when you want to find out about the impacts of the dynamic changes of the people and their environment.

Then, it will be so much better for you to know that geography is actually divided into several branches. One of them is the physical geography which will be emphasized on understanding the physical problems that happens on the earth, such as the issues of lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, climatology, environmental management, oceanography, and so many more. So then, all of them will be commonly used for analyzing the condition of the earth in order to get the best solution, so that people can solve the issues nicely. Furthermore, the other branch of geography is the human geography. This specific thing is actually about studying all aspects happen in the human society, which can be from the patterns to the political aspect of the society. So, this field of geography will allow you to explore all the factors that influence the community in a specific region deeply.

Well, both of the branches are actually some of many broad fields of geography that make the scientists able to read the signs shown by the society and the nature. Basically, they all can be combined in order to create the comprehensive data or information related to the environmental geography which tells you about the interactions of the human and the environment surely.