Excavation of Homo Naledi by Prof. Lee R. Berger

Excavation of Homo Naledi by Prof. Lee R. Berger

November 23, 2019 0 By pini

Homo Naledi is one of the extinct species of Hominini or well known as Hominins. Hominis itself is the sub-family from tribe of Hominae. Gorilla is a kind from Hominins species. In early 2013, Prof. Lee R. Berger found fossils in another side of Malapa Cave in Cradle of Humankind World Heritage. The exact location is near South Africa where everything is exotic and becomes a serious theme for movies and games.
– Rising Star Cave
The expedition in another side of Malapa Cave is called Rising Star Cave. Lead by Prof Lee R. Berger himself, this expedition was focused on the excavation of Homo Naledi fossil that is found inside the cave. This expedition held for almost 2 years, around 2013 until 2015, and it became a popular expedition among scientists, just as popular as online gambling for active players during the years. Here is the result of the expedition:

  • The Location
    Located in Gauteng Province of South Africa, Prof. Lee R. Berger and team found that Homo Naledi is different kind of fossil that need to be excavated soon. The exact area o fit is 800 meters south-west Swartkrans of Malmani Dolomites, around Bloubank river valley.
  • The Excavation
    The excavation of Homo Naledi itself happen around 2013 û 2015. It took almost 3 years because the team had to excavate more than 1.550pecimen that found in the cave. However, this expedition still the part of Cradle of Humankind World Heritage in South Africa, near the Malapa cave where Australopithecus had been found in 2010. The age of Homo Naledi predicted around 2 million years ago. But the latest study said that the factual age of Homo Naledi is around 250.000 years. The evidence of Homo Naledi’s age is shown in the characteristics of its fossil.

– The Characteristics of Homo Naledi
The research found that Homo Naledi is still one of the sub-family of Hominae tribe. However, there are many different characteristics of another kinds of fossil and Homo Naledi. Here is some characteristics of Homo Naledi:

  • Not the Closest Ancestor of Human
    Look from the shape of the fossil, Homo Naledi is not the closest ancestor of human. The shape is kind a different with homoÆs fossil.
  • Body Size
    The finding shows that Homo Naledi has smaller body size than human itself. It shows that they are not realy related to each other.
  • Skull and Endocranial Volume
    The other evidence shows that Homo Naledi has smaller endocranial and head volume than human, or een with Australopithecus.
    Even Homo Naledi has some differences with Australopithecus, but both of them still have the same anatomy. It shows that theystill came from the same sub familyof Hominini. The skull size also has the same size with early Homo species that found in another place of Malapa Fossil-Site.