Interesting Facts about Earth

Interesting Facts about Earth

December 12, 2018 0 By pini

Learning geography is interesting. This subject is also important to learn in school. this is because this subject tells about the earth and its characteristic, and this makes this subject essential to learn. As mathematics, and language, geography and other subjects are main sciences to study. That is why this subject is compulsory in middle school and this is major choice to take in high school. there is big importance of learning this subject.

People will learn about many things in geography. It is not only about the surfaces of the earth. This subject also talks about things under the surface of the earth, including the stones and layers of the earth. It also talks about the things above the surfaces, even the atmosphere and its various layers. There are also many earth phenomena learnt in this subject. That is why this is so important and interesting to learn this subject.

In this case, there are also some interesting geographical facts to learn. This can make people stimulated to learn more about geography. The first fact is about the smallest country in the world. There is a small county in the world, but this country has very essential roles. This is Vatican City or Holy See. This country is very small and it is cannot be compared to even Singapore in Asia continent. Singapore is still bigger than Vatican. Vatican is only around 0.44 kilometer square. This is very small country, but this has important role. It is because Vatican is the home of biggest church in the world. This is the home of Christians and there is Pope as the leader of the Catholic Church. That is why this is small yet important and famous country.

Then, about the earth, this is divided into four hemispheres. There are northern, southern, western, and eastern hemispheres. In this case, there are continents in earth and most of the continents cover maximum of one and a half part of the hemisphere. However, there is Africa that covers all of the four hemispheres. This is interesting and this makes Africa so special since this will have various climates and weathers. Its geographical aspects of this continents may also be complete since there are four characteristic of hemispheres.

Then, about the continent and countries, there is China that is also special in term of its border. About the size, this is one of the biggest countries on earth. Then, this country shares its borders with many countries. There are 14 countries sharing borders with China. This means that this country is bordered by many countries and this make China so special. Its borders include country in Asia and Europe continents.